Buy a Pair of Anti-Snoring Headphones and Get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep.

In exchange for feedback, we are offering an enormous £60 discount if you try the current version and tell us what you think – your thoughts will help us make better headphones. And we’ll give you a first production model as well – for free*! This is a very good deal.

Buy a late prototype pair now for only £100 AND get a first production model for free – save £60*

Please be very clear about what you are getting (we don’t want you to be disappointed). You are getting a pair of fully functional late-prototype Anti-Snoring Headphones. Not a production model (that comes later). Functionally it will do “what it says on the packet”, but it will need more work to get it to a production model (and you will get one of these too as part of your discounted price).

*Caveats regarding the free production model:

We need the feedback pretty quickly. So in order to get your free first production model, we ask that you please email your feedback within two weeks (give or take three or four days) of receiving your custom-made prototype earbuds and head assembly. Then, once we have received your feedback and we have the first production models ready, we will send you the new headset.

The custom-made earbuds can be used with both the prototype and production models and so please be aware we will not be sending you a second pair of earbuds (they will be exactly the same as the first, so there is no point). There is also a strong likelihood the attached MP3 player or BlueTooth receiver will also be easily transferrable and so we reserve the right to ask you to do this, rather than send you a duplicate piece of kit unnecessarily. 

So How Do I Get a Pair?

You place an order on the website and we’ll send you a kit that you will use to take impressions of your ears – we’ve sent these all over the world. You then send these back to us and we will turn them into earpieces that perfectly mirror the shape of your ears.

When we send you the kit, we also send bits and pieces to provide temporary relief from snoring, until your custom-made earbuds arrive. These include generic earbuds with earphones specially designed by John Bradley. They are not as comfortable as the custom-made earbuds, but they work reasonably well and will provide some relief.

Once we get your ear impressions, we make a pair of soft pliable earbuds in the shape of your ears and embed a pair of earphones into them. These become the “living” part your headphones.

To order a pair, please make a payment and we’ll get the impression kit off to you the same day or the next working day.






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