What are Anti-Snoring Headphones?

Like it says on the packet, they are designed to counteract the sound of loud snoring so you can get a good restful night’s sleep next to your loved one, even if he or she is snoring very loudly.

Why are Anti-Snoring Headphones Different to Normal Headphones?

They are designed to be comfortable to sleep with, especially when lying on your side. Some would say they are not really headphones at all, because they don’t look like normal headphones.

They are designed to reflect, absorb and mask the sound of loud snoring and as such are different to ear defenders and headphones for music.

They are thin and soft, almost floppy, with no hard edges. This makes them comfortable to wear when sleeping.

The Headphones are not factory made, they are made by hand.

The earbuds are fully customised and also made by hand from an impression of your ear (it’s surprisingly easy to take your own ear impression). This is one of the reasons they are so effective at blocking and masking the sound of loud snoring.

How do Anti-Snoring Headphones Work?

The outer layers of the headphones reflect and absorb sound energy while the custom-made earbuds block some of the sound from getting into your ear canal. They also create a layer of white noise that doesn’t just go into your ear, but also gently vibrates the cartilage and bones around your ears. They also direct comforting white noise into your ear canal – my favourite is the sound of rain on a tin roof. All these factors combined take away the sound of loud snoring so you can get a good night’s sleep.

How do you get a pair?

You place an order on the website and we’ll send you a kit that you will use to take an impression of your ear – we’ve sent impression kits all over the world. You then send this back to us after you have made your ear impressions (really simple to do and there is a video showing you how).

When we send you the kit, we also send some bits and pieces to provide temporary relief from snoring, until your custom-made earbuds arrive. These include generic earbuds with earphones specially designed by John Bradley. They are not as comfortable as the custom-made earbuds, but they work reasonably well and will provide some relief.

Once we get your ear impressions, we make a pair of soft pliable earbuds in the shape of your ears and embed a pair of earphones into them. These become the “living” part your Anti-Snoring Headphones.

To order a pair, please make a BUY A PAIR page and we’ll get the impression kit off to you the same day or the next working day.






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